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Nanocoating for thermal barrier

M/s Nanotech, Inc. has developed a water-based nanotechnology coating product called Nansulate that can literally be applied to any surface to reduce heat transfer. In buildings it can be applied on external walls to keep it cool. It acts as thermal insulation and can also prevent corrosion, offer flame resistance, cut down on mold growth and encapsulate lead and other harmful substances often found in buildings, preventing them from leaching into the ground. On metallic surfaces it can be used to reduce heat conduction and so on. Watch the video


Using nanotechnology to coat objects: showing metal, gloves etc which are not moistened due to coating of nanomaterials. Wonderfull video on power of nanotechnology. (courtesy: - Power of Nanotechnology Video Blow Your Mind

Nanotechnology instruments


Nanoparticle formulation - video


Nanotechnology innovations - Video


Potential Uses of Nanotechnology

See the video on potential uses of nanotechnology