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Best Web Design Trends For 2020

1. Content First Content is the most talked-about term in the book. In the coming months we’ll see deep debate about how content should be presented to the user and whether or not we should adapt it to the device. In any case, this should be our main concern. We need to create efficient, searchable, accessible, multi-platform content and make sure it reaches the user via the best interactive experience possible. 2. Simplicity of Design Interaction and Content Simplicity is the new paradigm.  The process of simplification will be the only tool we have to make content accessible and readable on the greatest possible number of devices, with the best user experience. Content strategy, UX, Usability, Accessibility and Visual Design must all be guided by this new paradigm. 3. UX Centered Design The user’s point of view and their experience of using the site and its content is what is ultimately important.  All participants agree on simplification on a visual and interaction level. Traditiona