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How to Put a Photo Under Comments on Facebook

How to Put a Photo Under Comments  on  Facebook  Let's start: As we all know, Facebook is one of the top social networks in the world and is growing day by day.Everyone wants to create an account on Facebook I also personally Facebook account and use every day , and lot's of fun with friends. Facebook now has 100 members rupees world.Some people using Facebook for communication with their friends and some people use Facebook for many other reasons , we can not say about the new updates it.Facebook new features for its users to do more attractive.That ' s means Facebook is also a very important part of your life , this is my way of thinking.  Trick Start From Here-: Today, Facebook launched a new feature, you can now add photos directly from the comments section. The first to see this image -: You notice here features such as a camera . Now open facebook here. { Make sure you have enter in , if you do not get in Please log in to your account FB account user name and password