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How to create your own Run commands and execute It

Run the command available in the operating system Windows, is one of these power packed feature that allows you to open the document or application instantly with just one click. So, instead of clicking a few icons or with just a few commands, you can use the Run, to open any program or document instantly. But, you know how to create your own commands run? Well , it's very easy, which involves only a few steps. Through this article , I will help you understand how to gain access to your favorite applications to create your own commands Run. Open the Run command Before I show you how to create your own commands Run, let's take a brief look at how to open the run command. First of all , you need to open the Run window by simply pressing the Windows, along with R key, ie for Windows + R. Now, you must enter the name of the program you want to open or run . Unfortunately, not all programs can be accessed using this method. So let me show you how to create a command that does not c