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Top 10 Geek Sites in the World

Top 10 Geek Sites Some blogs educate, help people collaborate, spark ideas, and simply expand our world of thought. Others arouse emotions and make us angry or make us laugh. The TB4U editors got together and offered a list of their favourite blog sites .  We compared over 35+ submissions to the  top 10 tech blogging sites  based on the breadth of information, news, design, frequency of updates, and value of entertainment. Sure, the list is subjective, but we think it's one of the best blog catalogues ever published. Entries spanned the gamut, from serious news and technology reviews to games reviews and the  latest tech gadgets . We included some honourable mentions at the end because the competition was so close. Of course, not everyone will agree with our selections. If you think that a blog site that is not on our list deserves a place in the top 10, share it with us in the comments section. 1.  Lifehacker The Lifehackers motto says it all: " Don&#

Tips For Lock Personal Folder

Folder Lock 1. Create a folder on your desktop and name it as "TB4U" 2 . Now open notepad and write Ren folder folder . {21EC2020-3AEA- 1069 -A2DD-08002B30309D} and now (Notepad Menu) File > Save As. 3 . In the " Save As" Folderlock.bat name it and click Save ! (Save it to your desktop) 4 . Now, again open notepad and write again, Ren folder. {21EC2020-3AEA- 1069 -A2DD-08002B30309D} folder and now (Notepad Menu ) File> Save As. 5 . In the " Save As" key.bat name it and click Save (Save it to your desktop) 6. Now double-click the folder and lock lock.bat now, if you open a folder , control panel will open ! 7. Key.bat Now double-click to open the folder and now if you open a folder, you can access the data inside the folder again! 8. Locking folders and hide key.bat somewhere else on your hard drive ! 9. Whenever you want to open the folder just paste key.bat on the desktop and open the folder with this  

How To Install Internet Information Services In Windows Vista Windows XP and Windows 7

Install IIS 7 or Above 1. To open the dialog box of Windows, click Start, then click Control Panel. 2. In the  Control Panel , click  Programs . 3. Click Turn Windows features on or off. 4. You may receive the Windows Security warning. Click Allow to continue. The Windows Features dialog box is displayed. 5. Expand Internet Information Services. Additional categories of IIS features are displayed. Select Internet Information Services to choose the default features for installation. 6. Expand the additional categories displayed, and select any additional features you want to install, such as Web Management Tools. 7. If you are installing IIS for evaluation purposes, you may want to select additional features to install. Select the check boxes for all IIS features you want to install, and then click OK to start installation. 8. The progress indicator appears. 9. When the installation completes, the Windows Features dialog box closes, and the Control Panel is displayed. 10. IIS is now ins

How to Create Unlimited disposable E-mail addresses with Gmail

If you add a point between the letters your username Gmail, sending a new username will be sent to your original message (which no or only 1 point.) For example (.) It does not matter how many points you add between your user name, all messages sent will go to your original e-mail . Gmail provides even greater explanation: Gmail does not recognize dots as characters within usernames , you can add or udalyattochki otGmail address without changing the actual destination, they will all go to your inbox , and only yours. In short : =  = =  = Avinav.Priy.Darshi All these addresses belong to one person. You can see this if you try to log in with your username , but adding or removing items from it. Do you still go to your account . Why is this useful ? Let's say you want to subscribe to rassylkuchastnosti, but you're afraid of spam. T

Check 10 IP addresses that logged in on your Gmail account & Their location

IF You think that someone else has access to your account? Check the "Sign In" stories in Gmail. This little trick will let you know if someone grabbed your password and peeking into your mailbox. Here's how to do it: At the bottom of the screen in any Gmail you will see the "Last account activity". Click on "Details" and there you will see a list of the last 10 IP- addresses that came on your account , and their location (ie , the United States ( Texas ) (IP- address) ), as well as the time and date. They must be the same set of IP- numbers , if you only use one device to access your account. If you see different IP- addresses and points of entry in your account can be sure you are logged in nadomashnem computer Gmail, while you are at work. Also pay attention to the type column, Access and see if the account is being accessed from a mobile device or POP3, when you do not use those. Be more concerned if you see places that are accessing your account t

How To Enhance The Likes, Subscribers & Plus One On Social Media

What is a social network sharing ? In the social network of exchange, like the people - action - follow other people and earn points by doing so . Later, they can invest those points to get followers - Like - +1 counter on the right social media profile . How to start with social network sharing ? For the beginning of social exchange , we first have to choose a social network sharing . There is so much that provide this kind of service. But my favorite Addmefast, as it provides a number of social networking options to invest point. To start making social network presence with addmefast follow these steps: 1) Click here to go to Addmefast and register there . 2) Once you have registered, you will get 50 points addmefast instantly in your account. 3) Now open facebook-Twitter - Google Plus profile in a new browser tab and log into your profile. 4) Once you enter in your profile social media, start like - Follow - share other peoples feeds from the left side of the addmefast to earn poin

Krrish 3 Emoticon Launched on Facebook Use & Enjoy!!!!!

Now special emoticons inspired by Hrithik Roshan starring sci-fi movie "Krrish 3" was launched on Facebook.  "'Krrish 3', the first Indian film to launch the Facebook emoticons / labels. Follow These Steps For Save Facebook Emotions. Open the chat window and click on the smiley face is shown at the bottom. Click on the basket, which appears when you press the smiley face. The store labels, scroll down to "Krrish 3" stickers, and click on the "free" in a green button. This will add emotions to your chat.

World Top Software Companies And Its Details

Microsoft Corporation Microsoft  Is an American multinational software company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, develops, manufactures, licenses, supports a wide range of related products and services calculations. The company was founded in 1975 4 krasavіka Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Microsoft is the world's largest software maker custody. It is also the most valuable companies in the world. Type Public Traded as NASDAQ :  MSFT Dow Jones Industrial Average Component NASDAQ-100 Component S&P 500 Component advertising Industry Computer software Founded Albuquerque ,  New Mexico , United States (April 4, 1975) Founder(s) Bill Gates ,  Paul Allen Headquarters Microsoft Redmond Campus , Redmond ,  Washington ,  U.S. Area served Worldwide Key people " advertising " Bill Gates  (Chairman) Steve Ballmer  (CEO) Products Windows  ( Phone ,  Server ) Office Dynamics Azure Xbox Surface Bing Skype ( See Microsoft products ) Revenue   US$  77.85 billion (2013) [1] Operating