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Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau on Google Doodle

Google honored Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau on his 218th birthday anniversary today with a doodle. The physicist is celebrated for inventing the phenakistoscope after his extensive research on visual perception. Phenakistiscope is a device that escalates the birth of cinema by creating the illusion of a moving image. Describing the doodle, Google Doodle said on its page, "Inspired by the mesmerizing animated discs, the animated Doodle art was made to reflect Plateau's style, with different imagery and themes in different devices platforms." Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau was born to a flower painter in Brussels on October 14, 1801. He studied law following which plateau became one of the renowned Belgian scientists of the nineteenth century. His study of physiological optics, especially the effect of light and color on the human retina, also made Plateau an acclaimed scientist. Throughout his Ph.D. dissertation, Plateau explained how to take pictur