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How To Install Internet Information Services In Windows Vista Windows XP and Windows 7

Install IIS 7 or Above 1. To open the dialog box of Windows, click Start, then click Control Panel. 2. In the  Control Panel , click  Programs . 3. Click Turn Windows features on or off. 4. You may receive the Windows Security warning. Click Allow to continue. The Windows Features dialog box is displayed. 5. Expand Internet Information Services. Additional categories of IIS features are displayed. Select Internet Information Services to choose the default features for installation. 6. Expand the additional categories displayed, and select any additional features you want to install, such as Web Management Tools. 7. If you are installing IIS for evaluation purposes, you may want to select additional features to install. Select the check boxes for all IIS features you want to install, and then click OK to start installation. 8. The progress indicator appears. 9. When the installation completes, the Windows Features dialog box closes, and the Control Panel is displayed. 10. IIS is now ins