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How to Find Lost Your Android Phone and Tablet !!!!!

Your Android gadgets are the most important things in your life. It contains all the important contacts and information. If you lose your equipment, you will lose all those sweet memories with photos and videos. But there is good news for Android phone / tablet users, now you can easily find, or at least know where your phone is not with or without the use of applications for Android. Let's first look at how to find a lost phone that does not contain any application installed on it. Use the IMEI Number Every Android phone has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification Number ) . It will be printed on the back of the unit . If you can not find the number , you have to run the applications on your phone and dial * # 06 # . This will give you the IMEI number of your phone. Keep it in a safe place so it will help you in locating your phone if the phone is lost . When you file a complaint , this number should be added to the report . The service provider uses this numb