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Top 10 Geek Sites in the World

Top 10 Geek Sites Some blogs educate, help people collaborate, spark ideas, and simply expand our world of thought. Others arouse emotions and make us angry or make us laugh. The TB4U editors got together and offered a list of their favourite blog sites .  We compared over 35+ submissions to the  top 10 tech blogging sites  based on the breadth of information, news, design, frequency of updates, and value of entertainment. Sure, the list is subjective, but we think it's one of the best blog catalogues ever published. Entries spanned the gamut, from serious news and technology reviews to games reviews and the  latest tech gadgets . We included some honourable mentions at the end because the competition was so close. Of course, not everyone will agree with our selections. If you think that a blog site that is not on our list deserves a place in the top 10, share it with us in the comments section. 1.  Lifehacker The Lifehackers motto says it all: " Don&#

How to fix Chromecast (If it is Not Working)

Chrome cast is one of the best devices to make your TV smarter. Chrome cast can add a multitude of new features to your existing TV. It is a small device that can improve access to several entertainment portals like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos.  If you do not have a Chromecast, prospects forth above you would have surely tried to have one. The people with Chromecast have now excellent content and true entertainment. However, some people will have complaints about a mistake or a problem due to which the Chromecast is to refuse to connect to the TV. This error can be frustrating and a quick fix is the instant remedy is the need within the hour. Why is your Chromecast not working ?   There  are  two  reasons  main  for  which  the  Chromecast  can  display  an  error .  The first  is  due  to the fact  that  the device  will  operate  not and the second  is  due  to the  problem  of non- connection  WiFi.   These two problems hav