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How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock

Method 1. Unlock Lock Pattern Using Your Email: First method includes a simple way of logging in to your Google account and then getting RID of that lock pattern.This is easiest and most recommended way of unlocking your device.So if you have entered wrong pattern for 5 times and then if it is showing you the Forgot Lock Pattern option, then you can login through your Google account and bypass the lock pattern system on your device. Method 2. Unlock Lock Pattern Using Command Prompt: If you have forgotten your email too and unable to log in to your google account then the second method could be handy that includes executing few lines of script in command prompt which will allow you to write any pattern and to get into your OS . As this method includes use of command lines , so it is not that user friendly but it is the most effective way for sure. It involves a few steps : Step 1: Connect your Android Phone to Your Computer. Step 2 : Open command prompt as administrator. Step 3 : Now

Run Android Apps In your Laptop & Desktop

Android has got a very important place in our Tech world.Now on the market you can get a lot of devices running on Android, as smart phones, tablets to the camera, and I can just say that the main Portable devices on the market do not work for Android.But PC with the operating system Android, so if you want, you can run Android on your PC. Items needed: Android ROM File you can get any android version ROM file that you want to run.Here i Will be using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: Download Virtual Box Software : Download Download everything you need in this process, and then go through the following steps to install Android OS on your computer. - After Downloading the Virtual Box.Install the Virtual Box on your System and while installing it may ask you to install a new network adapter so not to worry. Now We Will Install the Android From its ROM file you are done you installed the Android OS.Now just configure the OS for the first time and enjoy Android !!

Top Battery saving apps for Android Phone

Top 5 Battery saving apps for You 1. Du Battery Saver : The Du Battery saver is the best app that saves, improves, and extends` battery life. This app is been used by more than 10 million users. This app helps users solve their battery queries with just one touch control. In this u can not only save your battery life but you can check battery`s health, temperature and much more. To shutdown unused background apps simply hit “optimize” option. Get more and enough battery life for longer duration. 2. Easy Battery Saver: If you are dealing with charging problem like charging more then once a day then you must surely try Easy Battery Saver, an app designed to extend battery life of smart phones. This app includes four power saving options General Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode and Normal Mode. Just select any one option and your battery problems will go away. It is very simple and easy to use. It is user friendly. 3. Battery Doctor: If your smart phone is