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Car insurance rates

Car insurance rates Car insurance rates Yes, in this article we learn about comprehensive car insurance prices 2021 by looking at insurance prices and prices for the most famous insurance companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to compare them and determine the right company for you to insure your car. Comprehensive car insurance rates 2021 In the following lines, we will know about the prices of some car insurance companies: Suez Canal Insurance: Insurance is characterized by the exposure of the insured car to accidents or theft. The premium rate is about 3% of the estimated value of the car, and the customer pays 4 pounds for every 1000 pounds. The depreciation rate ranges from 5% to 7% each year, and the total depreciation rate is 50%. The value of the civil liability is 10,000 Egyptian pounds. In addition, about 10% of the amount of the original invoice for the maintenance of the power of attorney is deducted. Misr Insurance Company: It is one of the most famous insurance

Ways to increase natural beauty

Ways to increase natural beauty

ways to increase the beauty

skin beauty

Many people desire young, beautiful skin, although staying up late at night, working long hours with stress, does.

Not making enough time for skin care, as most believe that the solution to the problem lies in going to spas, and

Taking a warm sunbath, which requires a lot of time, but can be done at home in several minutes, following several

Steps, home recipes to get a beautiful and healthy image
Skin full of vitality

ways to increase beauty

There are some steps to increase the beauty of the skin and keep it young, including adequate sleep,

For 8 to 9 hours to renew skin cells, make them more youthful and fresh, as sleep provides regeneration of division and
The growth of skin cells, making the skin smooth and supple. Traps drink water in abundance, it is recommended to drink it 8-.

10 glasses of water a day helps cleanse the skin, tighten it and expel toxins from it, as the lack of water in the body.

On the body the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, making a person look older. Exercise properly

It is renewed daily through exercise, as the body's activity increases the heart rate, and stimulates blood circulation

Through the flow of blood and nutrients distributed throughout the body effectively, so that the skin

vibrant. Qatar protects the skin from the sun’s rays, so the skin looks brighter when it is protected from the sun’s rays, and sunscreen should

 It has both U and U protection factor, and you should choose a good quality and good sunscreen

Moisturizing without any harmful substances to the skin, to keep you fresh at all times. Qatar contains omega-3 fatty acids

 The diet, by adding fish oil to it, nourishes the body
essential fatty acids, which in turn contribute to

Maintaining the health of the joints, heart and skin, and taking fish oil during the winter increases

Skin radiance and improvement from within. Choose the right products for the skin, as the right products must be chosen

A product for the skin according to its type, whether it is oily, dry, mixed or normal, as it is recommended to wash it

 face twice a day, then use a moisturizer suitable for skin type, gently rubbing the skin; Because excessive

Rubbing irritates the skin, and it is also recommended not to sleep with makeup on; Because it causes clogging of the pores of the skin,

But if blackheads or whiteheads appear, special strips are used to cleanse the pores. [6] pay attention to

Outward appearance This is done by not leaving hair
Oily skin, wash it as often as needed, and use deodorant to keep the body smelling nice

 Skin immediately after showering. Because the skin is moist, which facilitates the absorption of the moisturizer and care for cleaning it

 Everyday nails, and to increase their elegance, they are painted in one layer in a calm or transparent color. Hair care, it is

It is necessary to know the haircut that suits the shape of the face while keeping it natural and not dyeing it with chemicals

It causes hair damage, and if you want to dye, you should choose a color close to the natural color and not use it.

 Thermal stylists to beautify the hair, looking for other ways to style the hair to bring out its natural beauty. Use

 Make-up, Make-up adds to the natural beauty of the skin, you can look for a facial feature, and highlight it.

Without excessive use of makeup, so when you put a simple mascara, you will highlight the beauty of the eyes, but when

Put a dark lipstick, for example, with women who do not have white and beautiful teeth, which will put them in an embarrassing situation

The situation is therefore preferable to put a bright color lipstick. It is recommended that you take care of yourself daily by doing the following:

Appreciation, reading inspiring books and stories, taking photos and meeting friends makes a person

He feels good, which boosts self-confidence as well. Find supportive friends, when listening to what people have to say,

 Whether intentionally or unintentionally, it will enhance contentment within the individual, when wearing a beautiful will

To be noticed by others, and they will present their opinions to you, which makes a person proud of himself, and increases him

Respect my self. Following the inner intuition of man works to guide his owner in the right direction and help him

To know the causes of the problems he is facing, he should take time, and listen to the talk of the soul more. take

No matter how you started your day, you should take a deep breath to rejuvenate your look, by dedicating five

 Minutes to re-make-up and improve hair. Draw a smile on the face, a smile increases the beauty of the soul, and also serves to enhance self-confidence. buzzing

Natural recipe to increase beauty

There are many recipes that take care of the beauty of the skin naturally without using any harmful products, including:

turmeric powder

Turmeric is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, while some of the ways turmeric is used for the skin:

The appearance of acne: by mixing turmeric and lemon juice together to get a natural exfoliator for oily skin, by

Rub the peel gently with the mixture. Prevents facial hair growth: by mixing turmeric and water and using it daily while eating it

Shower to prevent facial hair from growing. Prevents underarm hair growth: when using turmeric regularly

Placing it under the armpit will prevent hair growth, infection and bad odor. Prevents the appearance of dark circles

And wrinkles: preparing a paste of turmeric powder, yogurt and sugar cane when applied regularly under the eyes helps prevent the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles.


Honey can be used to maintain the youth and renewal of the skin, in the following ways: moisturizes dry skin: honey helps

to moisturize the skin and give it shine and glow, and it treats fungal infections and skin problems, by applying it to the skin

  regularly. Anti-aging: honey contains antioxidants and anti-aging, whether it is for the face, lips, or cracked heels, honey is

  An essential part of the skincare system, by applying honey to the affected skin regularly. Infection control: honey helps

Fight infection by removing free radicals, and also prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that make the skin

look older. Fights bacteria: honey should be used regularly to prevent outbreaks of acne caused by bacteria.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the oils that maintains the beauty of the skin, through its use as follows: makeup remover: coconut oil

Works to remove the effects of makeup because it contains natural properties that help to moisturize and exfoliate the

skin, by putting a teaspoon of coconut oil on the skin and leaving it for two minutes, and then washing it with a detergent.

Exfoliating: the constant use of coconut oil helps to have radiant, more youthful, and fresh skin, as it is used as a skin

Scrub by mixing it with baking soda, where this recipe is suitable for those with oily skin. Moisturizes dry skin: by

placing two tablespoons of coconut oil in a warm bathtub to keep the skin moist without stripping it of its natural oils, and

 Prevents skin itching, and the use of this oil regularly makes the lips soft as well. Fights dark circles: when you continue to

 Apply oil to the under-eye area for at least two weeks, massaging it will reduce the dark circles that surround the eyes.


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