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Car insurance rates

Car insurance rates Car insurance rates Yes, in this article we learn about comprehensive car insurance prices 2021 by looking at insurance prices and prices for the most famous insurance companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to compare them and determine the right company for you to insure your car. Comprehensive car insurance rates 2021 In the following lines, we will know about the prices of some car insurance companies: Suez Canal Insurance: Insurance is characterized by the exposure of the insured car to accidents or theft. The premium rate is about 3% of the estimated value of the car, and the customer pays 4 pounds for every 1000 pounds. The depreciation rate ranges from 5% to 7% each year, and the total depreciation rate is 50%. The value of the civil liability is 10,000 Egyptian pounds. In addition, about 10% of the amount of the original invoice for the maintenance of the power of attorney is deducted. Misr Insurance Company: It is one of the most famous insurance

severe anemia treatment with herbs

severe anemia treatment with herbs

severe anemia treatment

severe anemia treatment

Anemia occurs when there are not enough red blood cells and red blood cells to coat the body, anemia

There are many types, but the most common is iron deficiency anemia in the body and iron deficiency, where red blood cells form

They contain a protein full of iron called hemoglobin, so a lack of iron in the body will lead to the inability to form it in the body

Natural remedies for anemia

types of herbs and their uses

Algae: 8 spir spirulina algae Inhibitor of blue-green algae for alfalfa immunosuppressive drugs; And where is the clover?

Medicago sativa came to traditional treatments used to evaluate and purify blood; May increase and may

blood strength and hemoglobin reach their average level in cases of simple anemia; However, it may interfere with some

Medicines and treatments, such as the fluidized blood bed in medical sciences; Pure warfarin and lithium: lithium and

Digoxin is used by placing its roots in water over low heat for twenty minutes, or placing its leaves for five minutes,

 It can also be combined with some other types and many herbs used to treat anemia, such as dandelion, burdock or

Acid yellow plant. Taraxacum officinalis for some cases of anemia, used in the same way and with the same precautions

When using alfalfa herb. R ITR Arctium Lapa. A: Guidelines for the use of alfalfa crisps. General: General Jintee our lotto system

Gastrointestinal blood pressure. Nettle: Chlorophyll, Vitamin A and Vitamin C

The foods used to treat anemia lack a certain type of however a healthy diet

 Filling with certain types of foods helps control and control anemia, and the exact treatment depends on the type

Anemia and its causes. However, some foods contain different types of foods that can support and increase:

Where beetroot came to be the best natural remedies for anemia; Where they multiplied and blood came in

The body cleanses the body by providing it with oxygen. Iron rating: spinach, spinach, kale, Swiss steamer

Oral oxalate in franc. Lime beans, chickpeas, chickpeas, soybeans, kidney beans, pinto beans,

Black beans, black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, etc. Qatar Nuts and Seeds, as it contains many nuts and seeds

Iron, but preferably eaten raw, include pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and pistachios.

Pistachios, hemp seeds, hemp seeds, pine nuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sunflower seeds plus almonds

almonds); However, it contains significant amounts and has calcium, therefore; It may not increase its intake, and it does not need iron

levels in the body significantly. Examples of blackstrap molasses: iron, manganese, and others.

Symptoms of anemia

Symptoms of anemia may seem simple and can not be noticed at first; However, the symptoms worsen with increasing severity

of anemia, and symptoms vary depending on the cause that led to the occurrence of anemia, but in general, include the
following: Categories

  the feeling of stress EU and general weakness. . Yellowness and balloon of the skin. Irregular Heartbeat Whoa-Whoaa Whoaa

Whoaa Whoaa Whoaa Whoaa Whoaa Whoaa Whoaa Whoa. Shortness of breath Breathe Breathe). Feeling dizzy and

dizzy. Chest pain. Cold in the hands and feet You'll. I am feeling Headache.


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