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Car insurance rates

Car insurance rates Car insurance rates Yes, in this article we learn about comprehensive car insurance prices 2021 by looking at insurance prices and prices for the most famous insurance companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt, in order to compare them and determine the right company for you to insure your car. Comprehensive car insurance rates 2021 In the following lines, we will know about the prices of some car insurance companies: Suez Canal Insurance: Insurance is characterized by the exposure of the insured car to accidents or theft. The premium rate is about 3% of the estimated value of the car, and the customer pays 4 pounds for every 1000 pounds. The depreciation rate ranges from 5% to 7% each year, and the total depreciation rate is 50%. The value of the civil liability is 10,000 Egyptian pounds. In addition, about 10% of the amount of the original invoice for the maintenance of the power of attorney is deducted. Misr Insurance Company: It is one of the most famous insurance

Learn how to add AdMob ads to a blog post

Learn how to add AdMob ads to a blog post

Learn how to add AdMob Admob to a blog post

Learn how to add AdMob ads to blogger show Google AdMob ADS shows sites without entering Google Adsense ads through the site's new code.

Learn how to add AdMob ads to blogger, today's lesson adding Google Ads VL based sites without acceptance in Google AdSense, which does not conflict with Google AdSense because the company's purpose mainly is to display advertisers' ads but we would like to inform you that AdMob shows ads only through the phone and not PC.

Ads Admob, which is one of the sources of income for the owners of sites and blogs such as sites with special programming as well as mobile pages pages, and site developers after owning sites and blogs create an account. They can take the ad units and codes and put them inside their sites and blogs so that the visitors can see the site and the visitors enter those ads, and then the profits are calculated for the owners of those sites.

How to add ADMOB ads in blogger

Many users of the blogging platform, Blogger, wonder why bloggers are so difficult to deal with, but this statement is incorrect, the Blogger platform is like any other platform, with experience and practice it will become easy and smooth.

After you set up your blog properly, and start pumping your articles, you will start to wonder why you should not start placing ad units and start making profit, and here came the role of this post to develop alternative and temporary solutions, and in we will try to help you how to install ads on your blog, in different formats And place your ads in the middle of the topic, at the beginning of the topic, at the end of the topic, and between the paragraphs of the post. .

Add AdMob AdMob Ads Code to blogger

You have to go to your MB AdMob account to setup your ad codes, then set the ad code, and make a copy of it, but it's a little different in Pleuger code, you have to convert adobe codes to Blogger implementation, but now you're wondering how to use these codes, you've We created the code that you are and we optimized the code so that ads appear immediately without accepting Google Adsense, just copy the code ad and put it in the code, Adobe, etc., paste the code ad in the specified place in Blogger format, then click on the word save.

How to block websites with less profit in Admob to increase your profits

  1. Login to an admob account
  2. Log in to your application
  3. Login to Blocking Controls
  4. Access to advertisers' URLs
  5. Block ads from individual advertisers

Link to download the file used Explanation

Video explaining how to block websites with less profit in Admob to increase your profits

Explain how to add AdMob ads to a YouTube blog post


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