Top 10 Geek Sites in the World

Top 10 Geek Sites

Some blogs educate, help people collaborate, spark ideas, and simply expand our world of thought. Others arouse emotions and make us angry or make us laugh. The TB4U editors got together and offered a list of their favourite blog sites
We compared over 35+ submissions to the top 10 tech blogging sites based on the breadth of information, news, design, frequency of updates, and value of entertainment.

Sure, the list is subjective, but we think it's one of the best blog catalogues ever published. Entries spanned the gamut, from serious news and technology reviews to games reviews and the latest tech gadgets. We included some honourable mentions at the end because the competition was so close.

Of course, not everyone will agree with our selections. If you think that a blog site that is not on our list deserves a place in the top 10, share it with us in the comments section.

1. Lifehacker
The Lifehackers motto says it all: "Don't live like a geek, like a geek for a living." This blog saves time in just about every area, from Firefox shortcuts to "Keeping Things Going" tips from the faithful.
2. IT Toolbox Blogs
IT Toolbox has several IT professionals "in the trenches" who talk about technology and management issues. Blogs are specializing in security, databases and project management, among other topics. It is a versatile site.
Bring the noise, bring the snark. Valleywag is for those who believe that the tech industry lives or dies by the Silicon Valley whistles. And it's fun for those of us who prefer northern California lotus-eaters to stick to the dish and tongue, letting the rest of us do the real work.
Kotaku is the sneaky, gamer uber-blog. It has everything from critics and gossip to cheat tips. Pretty much everything you'll need, including which game to buy and how to play it.
Groklaw's raison d'être spurs SCO into its longstanding legal fights against IBM and Novell, but the discussion sometimes turns to other issues that involve technology, intellectual property and government regulations.
Gizmodo has the scoop on all the latest cool and wacky toys and inventions - from high definition televisions and coffee makers to alcohol belts and thumb drives. You must like a site that posts photos of a solar-powered swimsuit. Yes, they also blog about serious technology news.
7.Hack a Day
Want to know how to add a USB stick to a cheap Linux router? Create a snake robot? How about an Xbox 360 laptop? Hack a Day has these basement projects and many more. This site is for the serious technician. At the same time, it's good for laughs or a new hobby.
Techdirt is a news blog, "say it as it is", which frequently presents debates on current issues in the Internet and IT fields. Scandals are a speciality. Simplicity is its trademark.
9.Danger Room
Wired's military and defence blog talk about some of the coolest and scariest military technology - not to mention scandals, debates and other military news. Many videos and images are included.
10.O'Reilly Radar
This is where you can read Tim O'Reilly (founder of O'Reilly Publishing) and others to discuss networking, programming, open-source, intellectual property, politics, Web 2.0 and emerging technologies.


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