How to fix Chromecast (If it is Not Working)

Chrome cast is one of the best devices to make your TV smarter. Chrome cast can add a multitude of new features to your existing TV. It is a small device that can improve access to several entertainment portals like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos. 


If you do not have a Chromecast, prospects forth above you would have surely tried to have one. The people with Chromecast have now excellent content and true entertainment. However, some people will have complaints about a mistake or a problem due to which the Chromecast is to refuse to connect to the TV. This error can be frustrating and a quick fix is the instant remedy is the need within the hour.

Why is your Chromecast not working? 
There are two reasons main for which the Chromecast can display an errorThe first is due to the fact that the device will operate not and the second is due to the problem of non-connection WiFi. 
These two problems have simple solutions which will be discussed soon. In cases where these solutions can not solve your problem, you might well consider sending to your supplier as it may be faulty. 

Solution No. 1- Start with the basics

By starting with the basics, the first thing to do is to check the wiring, if all the son are properly connected, in particular in relation to the Chromecast. The verification of the source power from the Chromecast and its reset can help restart the Chromecast and solve the problem.

Solution No. 2- Factory reset
It is the most common solution and most instant for all the devices electronics today. The biggest drawback is that you risk losing all the applications installed, all the latest updates to date software, etc., that that could you cost of tons of data and a time considerable to start.
But nevertheless, if it solves the problem and frustration that you suffer now, I am sure that it will you disturb not. The process of resetting is simple. Press simply on the button at the side of the LED light for a few seconds, until this that the light flashes and that the reset is complete.

Solution No. 3- Resetting the router
Sometimes the connection between the router and the Chromecast must be established again, this which can be due to various reasons. The re-connection frequent between the router and the Chromecast, the addition of new devices in the function of the router, the change of frequency or the set to level the plane, etc., may result in the need to reset the router.
Tap on the button to reset the router for 30 seconds and follow again the process of resetting the router. In the process, make sure that the router operates at a frequency of 2, 4 GHz and not a frequency of 5 GHz, as Chromecast will take care that the frequency of 2.4 GHz.  

Solution No. 4- Use of the Wi-Fi extension
Sometimeswhen the scope WiFi is slightly remoteit can be having the problems of connectivity for ChromecastBy using Wi-Fi extension, this problem can be solved easilyA solid base signals Wi-Fi can be configured more closely the Chromecast, allowing better content and access more rapidly to the networks. This can certainly help to minimize the problems of connection network consistent, especially if the router source is located in a more large distance.

Solution No. 5- Troubleshooting
This solution should be used as a last resort, a time that you have tried and tested all the other alternatives. Try to troubleshoot and let the software identify and correct the potential causes of the problem. If it does gives not the results desired, demote your Chromecast to version software earlier.
Continue to downgrade to two or three versions previous to it that you feel that your Chromecast has started to give the results desired. The put buggy update could be one reason possible for which the problem of Chromecast not running not might appear. To determine if the problem persists with an account user, try to configure a different account user administrator and check if the problem persists.    

If these 5 solutions are not the answers, then what?
In 75% of cases, the 5 solutions forth above should solve the problem of Chromecast who do work not. But if this is still not the case, there are two other alternatives or last resort to solve the problem. The first option is to adjust manually the parameters of the firmware of your Chromecast. The second option is to download various third-party applications.  

  • Troubleshooting automatic the problems of Chromecast to the aid of the verification of the diagnosis. 
  • By installing a software/a broadcasting application or a program, the connectivity between Chromecast and network Wi-Fi can be improved.
  • Using applications VPN third who you allow to you connect to servers proxy. In this way, you can access a multitude of content illegal across the world. VPN also allows you to improve the capabilities of Chromecast. This is very useful for minimizing many problems with connectivity.

What do I need to download third-party apps to the Chromecast?
The use of applications third in Chromecast solves not only of many problems but added also some features. It is therefore important to understand how to access via Chromecast. These third-party applications because of various rules and issues of compliance do are not listed on the Play Store or any other app store known.
These must be downloaded as apk files to be accessible. A basic browser is required to download these third-party applications. Try using existing browsers in Chromecast to download and install some of the useful third-party apps.

What if the problem persists?
If the problem persists, it may there be two reasons. First, the router has a need of setting to level or the Chromecast is defective. You must check the return options for your Chromecast, or set to level your router.
According to experts, this is the final solution to the problem if you encounter always the same mistakes or difficulties. But according to reports, the above solutions have resolved 98.99% of problems.


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