70+ Free Press Release Submission Sites List For Search Engine Optimization [Latest Updated]

70+ Free Press Release Submission Sites List For Search Engine Optimization [Latest Updated] is one of the crucial backlink building activities in an SEO campaign that helps to create high quality backlinks as well as generate huge traffic to your website. Thus, press release submission sites are basic considerations of all professional bloggers and SEO experts to manage content.

Therefore, it is mandatory to target the public in the most effective way possible when writing a solid press release. So it really creates a huge buzz and offers you a great market for your industry.

Benefits of press releases submissions

You already know that press releases are the way to get high quality traffic and rankings among SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). You must have realized why press releases are so beneficial for blogging purposes?

To launch a startup and launch a new product or service, the press release is the right way to market promotion with superior functionality and convenience on web browsers.

i) Quality traffic and top ranking
The press release submission sites really offer high quality traffic as well as a leading blog position opportunity in the search engine results in no time. A press release is nothing but written news category content that focuses on the people involved.

ii) Conversion of sales
These press release sites also play a vital role in management's marketing strategy and turn ordinary queries into sales. Generally, these sites are very professional and allow all of the content in the news categories to be promoted here. Additionally, most viewers prefer to see the news and the chances of influence and ranking are more in this category site.

iii) Keywords of rich content
The press releases contain enough potential keywords that could have a better impact on the ranking as well as likely customers who are too excited to search for similar niche information. Therefore, press releases play an important role in obtaining ranking as well as traffic.

Various press release submission sites

Mainly, two types of press release submission sites could be searched on Google, that is to say paid and free. Now it depends on you how you decide on your budget and other factors. If you are considering starting a business, free press release submission sites offer you additional benefits.

How to Submit Press Releases on High DA / PR Sites

This section includes the list of top DA / PR press release submission sites through which you can submit the press release content. Find below some of the most popular and free pre-selected DA / PR submission sites and just submit your press release.

List of free press release submission sites:

1 http://newsalbum.com/ Jan-20
2 http://pressreleaseping.com/ Jan-20
3 http://prsync.com/ Feb-20
4 http://www.easy-pressrelease.com/ Jan-20
5 http://www.freepressindex.com/ Jan-20
6 http://www.free-press-release.com/ Jan-20
7 http://www.freeprnews.co.uk/ Feb-20
8 http://www.gulfcoastnewstoday.com/ Jan-20
9 http://www.hungarynewswire.com/ Feb-20
10 http://www.ibotoolbox.com/ Jan-20
11 http://www.marketpressrelease.com/ Jan-20
12 http://www.nanotech-now.com/ Feb-20
13 http://www.newslink.org/ Feb-20
14 http://www.newssides.com/ Feb-20
15 http://www.pitchengine.com/ Jan-20
16 http://www.pr4links.com/ Feb-20
17 http://www.pr9.net/ Feb-20
18 http://www.prbd.net/ Feb-20
19 http://www.pressreleaseping.com/ Jan-20
20 http://www.prfire.co.uk/ Feb-20
21 http://www.prfree.org/ Jan-20
22 http://www.prhwy.com/ Jan-20
23 http://www.prleap.com/ Jan-20
24 http://www.prweb.com/ Feb-20
25 http://www.techexpo.com/ Feb-20
26 http://www.theopenpress.com/ Feb-20
27 http://www.thepressrelease.org/ Jan-20
28 http://www.transworldnews.com/ Feb-20
29 http://www.ukprwire.com/ Jan-20
30 https://121pressrelease.com/ Feb-20
31 https://betanews.com/ Feb-20
32 https://clickpress.com/ Jan-20
33 https://express-press-release.net/ Feb-20
34 https://onlineprnews.com/ Jan-20
35 https://realtimepressrelease.com/ Jan-20
36 https://release-news.com/ Feb-20
37 https://releasethepress.com/ Feb-20
38 https://scoopasia.com/ Jan-20
39 https://story.kisspr.com/ Jan-20
40 https://www.1888pressrelease.com/ Feb-20
41 https://www.24-7pressrelease.com/ Jan-20
42 https://www.artikel-presse.de/ Feb-20
43 https://www.briefingwire.com/ Feb-20
44 https://www.businessportal24.com/en Feb-20
45 https://www.businesswire.com/ Jan-20
46 https://www.bytesin.com/ Jan-20
47 https://www.directionsmag.com/ Feb-20
48 https://www.ereleases.com/ Jan-20
49 https://www.forpressrelease.com/ Jan-20
50 https://www.free-press-release-center.info/ Jan-20
51 https://www.freeprnow.com/ Feb-20
52 https://www.mediapost.com/ Feb-20
53 https://www.newswiretoday.com/ Feb-20
54 https://www.npr.org/ Jan-20
55 https://www.openpr.com/ Jan-20
56 https://www.prbuzz.com/ Feb-20
57 https://www.pressabout.com/ Feb-20
58 https://www.pressmethod.com/ Jan-20
59 https://www.pressreleasepoint.com/ Feb-20
60 https://www.pressreleasepost.com/ Jan-20
61 https://www.pressreleasepower.com/ Jan-20
62 https://www.pr-inside.com/ Jan-20
63 https://www.prlog.org/ Feb-20
64 https://www.prnewsdistribution.co.uk/ Jan-20
65 https://www.prnewswire.com/ Jan-20
66 https://www.prurgent.com/ Jan-20
67 https://www.przoom.com/ Jan-20
68 https://www.researchsnipers.com/ Jan-20
69 https://www.thomasnet.com/ Feb-20
70 https://www.tmcnet.com/ Jan-20
71 https://www.top10orfree.com/ Feb-20
72 https://www.tptptp.com/ Jan-20
73 https://www.webknowhow.net/ Jan-20
74 https://www.yumpu.com/en Feb-20
75 https://xpresspress.com/ Feb-20

Before submitting press releases, you need to make sure of all the terms and conditions as it is really important to submit a unique press release with effective content. Now go to the above list and start your submission. You will get huge targeting traffic and high quality sales conversions to your website. You also need some more options for promote your webpage such as Social Bookmarking Sites, Guest Commenting Sites List, URL Submission Sites List, Article Submission Sites List!

Final judgment
Overall, you should know the importance of the free list of high DA / PR press release submission sites for your website or blog. Now you should have a clear picture of a press release and its importance.


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