How To Submit Your Content To Article Sites

Submitting articles to the best article submission sites play a key role in their online success. Many people do not realize the importance of submitting articles in SEO and often abandoning this SEO practice. However, for your information, Google loves articles rich in content. So, if you can publish your real content on these high authority sites, your search engine ranking will increase.


The role of SEO article submission is very important and is one of the best marketing strategies for your blog content. There are many better places to submit articles. However, you must ensure that the elements to be presented on these sites are unique and of high quality. Most article exchange sites have moderators to manually check all submitted articles. Therefore, it is needless to say that you must present authentic quality content posted.

Many of the best places to submit articles offer an option to put a description of your homepage in the author's biography. You can also put a link to your internal pages of the website in some of them. You can also link your main website here. But for SEO, it is better to link internal pages. Readers can also enter their pages to read the relevant content.
In this article, I've compiled the list of the most popular and free Best List of Top Article Submission Sites among the most popular (40+), which will help you get quality backlinks and drive huge, targeted traffic. on your blog.

What is the article submission?
Article submission is a very powerful SEO technique. Here, submit your site to directories of high authority articles to drive traffic and create high-quality backlinks. These Free Article Submission Sites List 2020 with a high page rank allow you to write content in many categories. You can choose the subject you want to write in your blog as a niche.

Using articles to generate traffic is a well-known way that can give a major boost to your brand. Send to your quality article directories the most popular articles and content-based websites. Article marketing helps you attract a significant number of visitors to your blog or website.

How to make article submission for SEO
Presentation of your quality content to the submission sites of the highest authority. Dofollow's article has many advantages in terms of SEO. But keep in mind that the site shares that each item has its own guidelines for publishing articles. You must therefore follow all the steps before submitting your articles to these sites.

Otherwise, you may have problems with the quality of the article, the required format, the number of words, grammar and spelling mistakes, etc. a ban on your account.

As in the case of your blog entries, also try to write content primarily for readers. While it is good to optimize content for SEO, do not overdo it. Instead of trying to use LSI and long-tail keywords in a natural way.

Launch your article submission campaign with some of the best free article directories and control the traffic for a while. Also try to participate with other articles on the presentation of these sites. This will help you build a strong fan base. Now let's see how to make the submission of articles effective.

First, choose a reputable site for submission of the items listed below.
Visit the site and create your profile with all the necessary details. Some of them also offer an access option via your social account, for example your Facebook ID.
After logging in to your account and updating your profile. You can also change the account settings from there.

To publish your article, click on "Submit an article" or on the "New publication" that will take you to the publication area. It is not necessary to provide the title, the summary of its contents and the keywords. Also select the appropriate category and sub-category (if applicable).

Place the article was written in the body of the article. As mentioned above, try to present detailed quality content. On the right side or at the bottom of the page, you are the Author Bio box for many sites. Fill in the details of the author. Few sites also provide a link to your site in this section.


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