How to blog like a professional in 2019


In this article, I will show you quick steps to

  • Blog in the right niche
  • Build your blogger audience
  • Give yourself the best shot to make a profit

And as a bonus, I will even show you my

  • shortcut to success

So let's start turning your blog into the cornerstone of a very successful and profitable business in 2019.
 Like a Professional Blog: The Right Niche


The first way to blog like a professional in 2019 is to make sure you're blogging in the right niche. But how do you know what is the right niche? People blog for long periods of time about things that interest them. They never seem to make a profit from their blog. This is because many of these subjects are simply not good producers of money. So many interesting niches don't have an audience willing to spend money on the things that your blog will promote. This is why I say that the first thing you want to do is make sure that you blog in the right niche. That means, be reasonably sure it is a profitable niche to start with.

Find a profitable niche

There are many ways to determine if a niche can be profitable. One of my favorites is to just watch what other bloggers are doing in a particular niche. If they have a good monetized sales funnel and have had good success with it, then you could pretty much understand that the niche can be profitable. The more people who monetize a niche, the better. 

Now, this is not a truly scientific way of doing it. But really, I don't think there are any simple ways to find out how well a niche could work. But seeing if others are doing well will give you a good starting point. 

Develop a micro-niche

The best niches to try to monetize are in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. But, of course, you can't just blog on a large niche like this and expect to create a following audience.  
These slots are far too broad and ridiculously competitive.

Instead, look for a micro-niche that detaches from one of them. So, for example, if you want to blog in the Relationships niche, you might choose Dating. To make things even closer, perhaps you could try Dating for seniors. To further refine, perhaps the best senior dating sites. You see, the narrower your micro niche, the more likely you are to attract a good audience and not be overwhelmed by strong competition.

Blog Like a Professional: Grow Your Blogger Audience

Suppose you have found a niche that you think you can take advantage of. The next thing to do is start creating an audience for it. You create a blog in your micro-niche. Then you put good content in it. And finally, you are trying to get people interested. You see, this is how it works. Once people come to your blog, you need to find ways to convert them to customers and clients. 

But first ... you have to get them there. So suppose you have a micro-niche site for dating seniors. Here are some good ways to create an audience for it.
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Guest posting

The first thing I would do with a new site or even an existing site is to start posting guests. Publishing guests means that you write articles for other people's blogs rather than your own. It is quite simple to do. Just find blogs that already have an audience like the one you want to attract to yours. Ask the blog owner or manager if you can write a guest article. The wonderful thing about posting guests is that you will only be asking to write articles for sites that already have an existing subscription.

And the people who read this blog are the people you would like to attract to yours. So you don't have to create an audience. You just have to put your talents in front of the already flourishing public on the blog for which you will be invited to post. Want to start with guest posting? Well, you might like to submit a publication to Donna Merrill Tribe! 

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Blog commenting

Blog comments are still probably the strongest way to connect with other bloggers and their loyal audience. So get a list of influential and successful blogs in your niche. In the case I used as an example here ... you will find a bunch of blogs that rank well in the "senior dating" niche.

Then you start to connect with these bloggers. Of course, you can ask them if you can write an article for them. That would be great. But not everyone is open to it from the start. Especially if you are not already well established. 

No problem.

If you can't write an article for them, just start leaving comments on their blogs.

Write comments on other blogs

Read their articles.

Then leave good thoughtful comments.

These bloggers will begin to recognize you as someone who deserves to be associated. Of course, this will open the door to opportunities for guest publishing in the future. But more instantly, it will also give you exposure to their blogger audience.

Build your Know-Like-Trust link
Many people who see your comment will find their way to your blog. When they get there, they will already know you because of the comments you have left on other blogs.

That means they already know you.

And they probably love you since they took the initiative to visit your blog. Now you just have to give them a reason to trust you.

Connect on social networks

You can now go further in the blog commenting strategy. Not only can you leave comments on people's blogs. But you can also share their articles on social media sites.

So if you're reading a great blog post about dating seniors, you can tweet it or share it on Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Do it regularly and frequently. And again, people will start to recognize you as an important player in your micro-niche. You will increase your audience due to your continuous exposure via people's Twitter subscriptions, Facebook friends, etc.

At the same time, by providing good value to people on your social sites, you will start to develop your own social network.

And the people who will follow you will be the people interested in your micro-niche topic. In this case, for example, it would be “senior dating”.

Like a Professional Blog: Take the Best Move to Make a Profit
To blog like a pro in 2019, you need to blog about profitable topics. Then you need to share your content with the right audience. I just discussed how to start doing it. But the whole point is to get people to come to your blog, right?

Well, that won't help you much unless your blog is able to convert your readers into buyers and customers. This means that you have to monetize your blog. In other words ... you need to have clear "calls to action" on your blog. When people access your blog, you have to tell them exactly what to do.

Create a mailing list
The first thing you should tell them to do is ... join your mailing list. This way you can connect with them as often as you like. When you send emails to people, you can give them more value in your niche. But you can also offer them valuable products and services that match your message.

Blogging is usually a two-step sale. 

This means that people may like to visit your blog, but they will often not buy anything from your sales links. If they see that you have valuable content, they can be very happy to join your mailing list. Once they become regular readers of your emails, they form the core of your "audience" or "audience". These loyal followers are privileged prospects for buying things that you link inside your emails.

Products and Services Notice
Another great way to monetize your blog is to write reviews on products and services. So if you have a product or service that will help your readers, write a review about it. Tell people how it works for you. It works best if you can turn it into some sort of personal story of your experience with the product. People love personal stories about products and services.

If they trust you ... 

and if they like you, since they read your blog for a while…

they are most likely considering buying the product or signing up for the service.

Promote affiliate products
Typically, the professional blogger will promote affiliate products and services in this way. It is certainly not a new technique. But it is the one that can still have amazing results.

Promote your own products and services
It is also a great way to promote your own products and services. I think this is really the biggest trend in the use of review articles. This is because your own products and services attract a unique audience to you. 

They can buy affiliate products from everyone. But they can only buy your products and services from you. It makes you stand out as unique. It cements your image of expert and authority in your niche.

Content upgrades
One particularly effective way to monetize your blog is to incorporate content upgrades into your blog posts.

A "content upgrade" of an article you write will add value to everything you talk about.

This will take your readers a step further.

How a content upgrade works
Examples of this are additional resources or information that you could offer them. So if I write a blog article about dating with the elderly and I want to refer people to a relevant service ... I could offer them a free e-book on the subject. When they join my mailing list to get the free ebook, I can also send them immediately to a landing page offering a paid service linked to ... of course ... senior dating.

Then I can promote this paid service in my mailing list.

Content upgrades must be relevant
Content upgrades are great for attracting people to your mailing list and your shopping cart.

Remember, however ...

the success of a content upgrade depends entirely on its relevance to the blog post in which it is embedded. So if I write a blog post about the latest trend in dating for seniors, I could offer a content upgrade on something like "best dating sites for seniors" or services.

Not on walk-in bathtubs, exercise equipment, or travel.

Blog Like a Professional: the shortcut to success
Now, some of the ideas I have given you on how to blog like a pro may seem like a lot of work.

And some of them are.

To be successful, you should expect to take time. And of course, it also requires effort. There is nothing simple or "push button" in all of this. But on the other hand, you also don't have to try to understand everything yourself. People have already done what you are trying to do.

There is therefore no need to reinvent the wheel. Here are some of the shortcuts you can use to become a better blogger ... and to blog like a professional in 2019.

Imitate success
I am sure you have heard the saying that "you can tell who a person is by the business they run". Well, if you want to be a professional blogger in 2019, spend time with other professional bloggers.

But go a little further. Don't just spend time with them. But also, learn from them. Go to their blogs to see what works for them. Find a way to emulate their strategies in your own business. Sometimes they even have a special course or training to show you what they do and how they do it.

The point is this.

A winning shortcut to succeed as a professional blogger is to emulate the success strategies of other professional bloggers in your niche.

Being a student
Another good way to get started quickly is to find courses that have been created to help you achieve exactly what you want.

Now, I'm not necessarily talking about a course on "how to blog like a pro". But maybe in your blogging strategy, you need to create videos for example. Or you have decided to create a large mailing list. But you don't know how to create videos or do email marketing. There are many courses that will teach these skills and tactics.

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Rather than trying to figure it out from scratch, get the courses you need and make it your business to be a student first. Then apply what you learn to your business.

Get coaching
By far, the easiest and fastest way to be successful is to hire a coach. A good blogging coach can show you the ropes in no time. They can consider what you want to do and make a specific plan to follow. Then at each stage of the route, when you encounter obstacles and roadblocks, you have your own private coach to help you get around them quickly and easily.

This is because your blog coach has already done everything. They have already learned to overcome obstacles and roadblocks that are so difficult for you to navigate. I can't imagine why someone would try to figure out how to do everything themselves. Especially when they can just look over the shoulder of someone who has already done it and knows how. 

So my #1 "shortcut to success" tip is always to hire a good blogging coach.


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