Top Battery saving apps for Android Phone

Top 5 Battery saving apps for You

1.Du Battery Saver: The Du Battery saver is the best app that saves, improves, and extends` battery life. This app is been used by more than 10 million users. This app helps users solve their battery queries with just one touch control. In this u can not only
 Battery saving apps for Android Phone
save your battery life but you can check battery`s health, temperature and much more. To shutdown unused background apps simply hit “optimize” option. Get more and enough battery life for longer duration.

2.Easy Battery Saver: If you are dealing with charging problem like charging more then once a day then you must surely try Easy Battery Saver, an app designed to extend battery life of smart phones. This app includes four power saving options General Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode and Normal Mode. Just select any one option and your battery problems will go away. It is very simple and easy to use. It is user friendly.

3. Battery Doctor: If your smart phone is running out of power and want enough batter life then you must use Battery Doctor. Users who want to optimize their battery saving they can do it just by a touch, adjust the setting of power saving by choosing the option ‘Automatically’ and you will be notified when the battery power is less then 20 percent.

4. NQ Easy Battery Saver: NQ Easy Batter Saver that not only saves your battery life but also speed ups your Android Device. New features has been updated that is smart assistant, quick setting, Battery usage monitor, and an optimization tool that will keep an eye on apps that are running on background. NQ Easy Battery Saver takes care of all your apps.

5. Go Battery Saver (Battery Widget) : Go Battery Saver and widget is great app that save about 50 percentage of your battery life. Optimizes the power consumed by WiFi, Screen Brightness, Audio, Mobile Data, Bluetooth and much more that drain your battery. You can even create battery-saving schedule that meets the needs. Go Battery Saver saves the power of your battery when you are in most need of it.


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