How to Put a Photo Under Comments on Facebook

How to Put a Photo Under Comments on Facebook 

Let's start:

As we all know, Facebook is one of the top social networks in the world and is growing day by day.Everyone wants to create an account on Facebook I also personally Facebook account and use every day , and lot's of fun with friends. Facebook now has 100 members rupees world.Some people using Facebook for communication with their friends and some people use Facebook for many other reasons , we can not say about the new updates it.Facebook new features for its users to do more attractive.That ' s means Facebook is also a very important part of your life , this is my way of thinking. 

Trick Start From Here-:

Today, Facebook launched a new feature, you can now add photos directly from the comments section.

The first to see this image -:

You notice here features such as a camera .

Now open facebook here. { Make sure you have enter in , if you do not get in Please log in to your account FB account user name and password. }

If you find it now by clicking on it.

Now your computer hard drive to open and select your image.

That's it! All are made you.I think this tip is easy and you can do it without problem.However, if you have any questions or any problem, do not hesitate please comment below, I really appreciate them.

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