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Google launches Chrome 31 with Web payments and 25 security fixes

Google today  released  Chrome version 31 Google today  released  Chrome version 31 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The new version includes support for Web payments, portable native code, and 25 security fixes. You can update to the latest release now using the browser’s built-in silent updater, or download it directly from . Google Chrome 31 introduced detailed validation messages for input[type=email]. We had provided a simple validation message for input[type=email] until Google Chrome 30.  It's "Please enter an email address." Since Google Chrome 31, validation messages for input[type=email] say what's wrong. ===> Please include an '@' in the email address. 'foo' is missing an '@'. ===> Please enter a part following '@'.'foo@' is incomplete. ===> Please enter a part followed by '@'.'@example' is incomplete. ===> A part followed by '@' should not contain the symbol ' 

GPS Tracking For New Teen Driver Where Kids Are At All Times

TEEN TRACKING GIVES PARENTS PEACE OF MIND GPS tracking devices for teenagers, you can be comfortable knowing that your teen is hitting the road safely. Always know where your teen is: choose between hardwired car trackers or battery-powered GPS tracking devices for parents. GPS vehicle trackers not only provide real-time location updates right from your smartphone, PC or tablet, but you're also able to receive speed alerts the moment your teen exceeds any speed limit you select Protect your property and encourage your teen driver's good habits with a GPS tracker for parents. Four ways to monitor TEEN drivers: Cellphone  - via text message or email Email  - alerts sent to your email Toll-Free Number  - call for alerts Web  - track your vehicles on the web Unlimited GPS Vehicle Monitoring Plans MobileTEEN GPS™ offers unlimited monitoring plans with no contract required: Unlimited Monthly Monitoring Plan   $29.95/Month • Credit Card on file will be charged $29.95 monthly for unlim

How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock

Method 1. Unlock Lock Pattern Using Your Email: First method includes a simple way of logging in to your Google account and then getting RID of that lock pattern.This is easiest and most recommended way of unlocking your device.So if you have entered wrong pattern for 5 times and then if it is showing you the Forgot Lock Pattern option, then you can login through your Google account and bypass the lock pattern system on your device. Method 2. Unlock Lock Pattern Using Command Prompt: If you have forgotten your email too and unable to log in to your google account then the second method could be handy that includes executing few lines of script in command prompt which will allow you to write any pattern and to get into your OS . As this method includes use of command lines , so it is not that user friendly but it is the most effective way for sure. It involves a few steps : Step 1: Connect your Android Phone to Your Computer. Step 2 : Open command prompt as administrator. Step 3 : Now

Run Android Apps In your Laptop & Desktop

Android has got a very important place in our Tech world.Now on the market you can get a lot of devices running on Android, as smart phones, tablets to the camera, and I can just say that the main Portable devices on the market do not work for Android.But PC with the operating system Android, so if you want, you can run Android on your PC. Items needed: Android ROM File you can get any android version ROM file that you want to run.Here i Will be using Android 4.2 Jelly Bean: Download Virtual Box Software : Download Download everything you need in this process, and then go through the following steps to install Android OS on your computer. - After Downloading the Virtual Box.Install the Virtual Box on your System and while installing it may ask you to install a new network adapter so not to worry. Now We Will Install the Android From its ROM file you are done you installed the Android OS.Now just configure the OS for the first time and enjoy Android !!

Top Battery saving apps for Android Phone

Top 5 Battery saving apps for You 1. Du Battery Saver : The Du Battery saver is the best app that saves, improves, and extends` battery life. This app is been used by more than 10 million users. This app helps users solve their battery queries with just one touch control. In this u can not only save your battery life but you can check battery`s health, temperature and much more. To shutdown unused background apps simply hit “optimize” option. Get more and enough battery life for longer duration. 2. Easy Battery Saver: If you are dealing with charging problem like charging more then once a day then you must surely try Easy Battery Saver, an app designed to extend battery life of smart phones. This app includes four power saving options General Saving Mode, Super Power Saving Mode, Advanced Customized Mode and Normal Mode. Just select any one option and your battery problems will go away. It is very simple and easy to use. It is user friendly. 3. Battery Doctor: If your smart phone is

Paste blank Status on Facebook

Today i will show you how to publish single line or multiple line blank status on Facebook. You can also use this method in facebook comments. So lets get started. Copy below codes into your status @[0:0: ]

How To Run Jar, Jad File on Your Computer !!!!

Runing your favourite mobile app on your pc can be a great fun. You will need some Emulator for doing so. As the apps are mobile specific it is build in Java Platform So you must have java installed on your pc First Download  And Install Java Then Download KEmulator Lite After Installing,Open The Application Click On Midlet Click Load Jar And Select Your Application Now you can run your favourite mobile app on pc.

10 Ideas How To Improve HTML Performance

Improved HTML performance is a key factor in the success of your website. There are certain factors that you should know about when it comes to improve your HTML code to optimize your website , and ultimately a better conversion rate.The latest HTML5 will enhance the functionality of your site and make it easier for Web sites to read it. Here are 10 ways you can improve the performance of your HTML . Particular attention is paid to the use of modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 or Javascripts. The focus will also be on the front end of the performance of your website. 1. Profile your web pages to find the culprits. Profiling of Web pages allow you to find aspects that may need to be optimized , as well as other components that you need to get rid of. Free web-based tools are available that will determine which components of your site is requested by the user. These components of the image files, CSS, HTML documents , and your files are JavaScript. A good tool will also indicate the

Best Web Design Trends For 2020

1. Content First Content is the most talked-about term in the book. In the coming months we’ll see deep debate about how content should be presented to the user and whether or not we should adapt it to the device. In any case, this should be our main concern. We need to create efficient, searchable, accessible, multi-platform content and make sure it reaches the user via the best interactive experience possible. 2. Simplicity of Design Interaction and Content Simplicity is the new paradigm.  The process of simplification will be the only tool we have to make content accessible and readable on the greatest possible number of devices, with the best user experience. Content strategy, UX, Usability, Accessibility and Visual Design must all be guided by this new paradigm. 3. UX Centered Design The user’s point of view and their experience of using the site and its content is what is ultimately important.  All participants agree on simplification on a visual and interaction level. Traditiona

Convert any Word document or a web page in PDF format

Many times when we accidentally front pages of some sites or going through various sites , we see some of the themes that seem to be really interesting. Often when we are looking for some particular topic , we come to some other post, which is interesting as well, but we must continue our quest and leave this page of the heart . Many of you might be aware of the default option provided by browsers to save web pages to your computer and read them later while you are offline. You can do this by using the " Save as Web Page ... "                   Converting a PDF page But these web pages that are stored by this method are not as good quality files . When reading , it seems that we are still looking at the site, and not in our computer . So today I want to tell you a trick to convert a web page PDF and save it to your computer at a time . How to convert any web page to PDF There are two very simple and automated methods to convert a web page in PDF. Method 1 : Pdfmy

Can You Get Black Berry Messenger On Android & iphone : Download

BlackBerry Messenger popularly known as BBM is the best way to connect and exchange instant messages, photos and much more absolutely free. The official version of BBM is now available for Android & iPhone. Get BBM support for Android › Get BBM support for iPhone ›

How to Put a Photo Under Comments on Facebook

How to Put a Photo Under Comments  on  Facebook  Let's start: As we all know, Facebook is one of the top social networks in the world and is growing day by day.Everyone wants to create an account on Facebook I also personally Facebook account and use every day , and lot's of fun with friends. Facebook now has 100 members rupees world.Some people using Facebook for communication with their friends and some people use Facebook for many other reasons , we can not say about the new updates it.Facebook new features for its users to do more attractive.That ' s means Facebook is also a very important part of your life , this is my way of thinking.  Trick Start From Here-: Today, Facebook launched a new feature, you can now add photos directly from the comments section. The first to see this image -: You notice here features such as a camera . Now open facebook here. { Make sure you have enter in , if you do not get in Please log in to your account FB account user name and password