If you want to keep your computer software is safe with passwords These steps follow:-

1. Download a software called Password Door to 

your pc [Download: 594.85 KB]

2. Now, install it to your PC, during installation, you are prompted to enter a password that will be used to open password protected programs.

3. Now open the software with the help of a password that you entered during installation

4. Now you will see a list of all programs in which you can protect with a password.

Protect a program

5.Select the application list and password protected .
Now , every time you or any other user open password protected application , the application will ask you your password . If you know the password can access the application .

Applications at any time you can remove the password .

NOTE:- If you are thinking, your brother or sister uninstall Password Door access the application, then they can not, because this program will ask for the same password to uninstall it from pc.


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