How To Set Up and Use Filters in Gmail

Google Gmail is a super - powerful tool. It has features that simply blow away other public email services.

 How To Set Up and Use Filters in Gmail
The use of filters in Gmail may be one of those things that can be conceptually difficult to understand at first glance. That is, as long as you do not do this . Then it's like a switch was turned on, and you can go crazy with it!

The first filter we apply to sort emails from this email address , and we will use the standard emails that Gmail sends a command to each user in our example , because we have a few letters from them in our inbox . You can use any email address you want, but for this example, it is more useful if you choose the email address from which you have a few emails in your Inbox.

Open the email and look in the upper right corner of the letter you will see a drop-down arrow to the right of " Reply ." Click the arrow and take note of the actions that can be applied to e-mail for future reference. In our example, we use filters so we click on the "Filter messages like this."

Gmail Filters
When we do this we get the Filter box above, we use e-mail as shown nizhe.E-mail address of the sender is entered in the "From" field of the data filter. Cool Beans!

Just click on the "Test Search " tab and all the emails from that sender should be in the box below. What to do with all these posts now ? Click on the " Next" and let's find out .

Now, if you have already created labels when the next board number 1 you ahead of the game . If not, do not worry . In fact, it's just as easy to do when filtering and email.

After clicking on the "Next " tab we see the window for creating a filter. You can again see the number of things you could apply the filter. But we need to put markirovatfayl email in so small a part of our life organized ;-)

Now we want to check the box next to " stick " and then click on the drop down arrow next to the field indicates " Select the label ." The menu will drop , and you can select a label you have already done , or click on the " New label " to create another.

Now go to the bottom right of the window and check that on the " Also apply filter to the " X " talk less " if you want it to be included in the new label as well. Now click the " Create Filter " and Gmail will take you to the Settings page which will display all of your filters and allows you to edit or delete them.

Remember that you are free to choose any number of email addresses for a single label. For example, you can create a shortcut "newsletters" and then filter all of these newsletters you subscribe to, putting their e-mail through a filter and send them to the label.

D'nt forget to Chicklets!

Now, since you are all pros at this , we will apply filters to messages sent to our "Alias" email addresses. Remember Tip number 1, where we have set up a mailing address , for us , that would all come to our main address of Gmail? Now we're going to put that to use.

Let's use my Twitter E-mail contact address. When I signed up I got "Username +". Now I got a letter from Twitter telling me that I have one million followers! ( In my dreams )

Open the message and click on Show details. It will show me the header from e-mail addresses . Seeing the title will indicate which addresses ' alias' I used. Get it?

Now follow the same steps as we did in the example above , but will my "Alias" e-mail address in the To: field data. Continue as we did before , and all e-mails will go to label Twitter Twitter. Easy Pie !

Look at the other fields in the Create a filter window. You can also filter on the subject , whether the subject has a certain word , or it does not have certain words . They can be great for spam messages that you receive over and over again . Make a filter with the subjects or words. Remember that when you click on the next step you can choose to apply the filters you , such as the removal.


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