How to Create Unlimited disposable E-mail addresses with Gmail

If you add a point between the letters your username Gmail, sending a new username will be sent to your original message (which no or only 1 point.) For example (.)
It does not matter how many points you add between your user name, all messages sent will go to your original e-mail . Gmail provides even greater explanation:

Gmail does not recognize dots as characters within usernames , you can add or udalyattochki otGmail address without changing the actual destination, they will all go to your inbox , and only yours. In short : = = = = Avinav.Priy.Darshi

All these addresses belong to one person. You can see this if you try to log in with your username , but adding or removing items from it. Do you still go to your account .

Why is this useful ? Let's say you want to subscribe to rassylkuchastnosti, but you're afraid of spam. Then you can change your conditions , so if you start getting spam , you can use Gmail filters and send the message to each "new" e-mail spam directly.


  1. What is the purpose of a temporary email address for Facebook?

    The following is a table of contents:

    What is the purpose of a temporary email address for Facebook?

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    A typical trick in recent years has been for hackers to acquire temporary email addresses from Facebook and other social networking platforms, which they can then use to get into a person's account and take over their personal information. The usage of disposable temporary email addresses provided by temporary email providers such as means that you can share your temporary email address with friends or anybody else without worry of those temporary emails being used against you.
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