Check 10 IP addresses that logged in on your Gmail account & Their location

IF You think that someone else has access to your account? Check the "Sign In" stories in Gmail.
This little trick will let you know if someone grabbed your password and peeking into your mailbox.

Here's how to do it:

At the bottom of the screen in any Gmail you will see the "Last account activity".

Click on "Details" and there you will see a list of the last 10 IP- addresses that came on your account , and their location (ie , the United States ( Texas ) (IP- address) ), as well as the time and date. They must be the same set of IP- numbers , if you only use one device to access your account.

If you see different IP- addresses and points of entry in your account can be sure you are logged in nadomashnem computer Gmail, while you are at work. Also pay attention to the type column, Access and see if the account is being accessed from a mobile device or POP3, when you do not use those.

Be more concerned if you see places that are accessing your account that are far away from your normal location , especially if it is a place from another country.

If you are concerned about , click on the button at the top of the window labeled Sign out all other sessions. The current computer you are using will be the only one input into the system. At the bottom of the window you can configure nahoditsyaopovescheniya that will notify you only if there is unusual activity on the account.

But remember that the best defense you can do is to use a complex password consisting of upper and lower case letters , numbers and special characters.


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