Is nanotechnology data stolen?

Jianyu Huang working  at Sandia National Labs as a staff Scientist. He is working on materials physics, electron microscopy, battery, nanomechanics of nanotechnology.Since 2007 his publications have been quoted by more than 3800 times.

He was arrested recently because he allegedly stole laboratory research and shared it with China.He is being accused of stealing research belonging to the U.S. that he claimed was his own original research. He allegedly shared with several Chinese universities and went online to share the data with the country’s state-run schools including Peking University and the Harbin Institute of Technology. But Sandia National Labs says that he did not have access to classified national security information. Huang was fired in April for removing a company-owned laptop from the facility.
Sandia, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation is known for its nuclear research, as well as the disposal of the U.S. nuclear weapons program’s hazardous waste and focusing on nanotechnology  for the past five years.Lab workers are not allowed to take any lab equipment on international trips without approval. Huang started working on nanotechnology at a Sandia Labs research center and has been indicted on five counts of federal program fraud, and one count of false statements, according to court papers which fact was made known only recently. He is accused of embezzling and sharing information from his position with the lab's Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies since 2009, according to a federal indictment.He will be arraigned on the charges Tuesday, and remains in federal custody.

Jianyu Huang has pleaded not guilty to charges of stealing research to share with China. It is to be noted that Buckyball birth was observed by Sandia CINT researcher Jianyu Huang.


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